Terms of Use

The following is considered acceptable use of your Childcare Forms or Bookkeeping Forms purchased from A Busy Web Designer. Questions about the Terms of Use should be directed to: webdesign@babettesdaycare.com.

By purchasing any of the following Forms Packages from the A Busy Web Designer website, you are in agreement to the Terms of Use.

Childcare Business Forms
Customized Childcare Forms
Customized Marketing Forms
Childcare Bookkeeping Forms
Childcare Professional Plus (website with Customized Childcare Forms)

None of the forms purchased in the above packages may be redistributed other than to clients within your childcare program. Redistribution of these forms in any other way is prohibited and considered to be in violation of the Terms of Use. These forms may not be purchased for training purposes or as samples without written permission from A Busy Web Designer.

Packages purchased are per childcare program and to be used within the program purchased for ONLY. Failure to abide by the Terms of Use may result in legal action.

Forms Packages may not be posted on the childcare facility's website EXCEPT for the following individual Forms for Enrollment purposes:

Policy Handbook & Contract
Health Evaluation
Health History
About Your Child
Emergency Contacts
Emergency Release
Authorization for Medication Administration
Transportation & Field Trip Permission
Media Authorization
Permission to use OTC Ointments

In addition, a disclaimer must be posted on the same page the Forms are available:

The forms posted on this website may not to be copied or redistributed without consent from the original author, A Busy Web Designer www.abusywebdesigner.com.